June 15, 2024

6 thoughts on “Sentuhan Azri Azerai, selepas Classita Holdings Berhad, Serba Dinamik kini Bintai Kinden melingkup

  1. We can turn around the company
    Serial Dinamik, Classita Holdings and now failing Bintai Kinden Corp Sdn Bhd. By injecting required amount and with expertise n the relevant field
    To turn around the compapanies to profitable giant organisation in future.
    Can be contacted on my mobile
    +60163530379. Dato’Goonahlam

  2. Your article bawa ‘Sial’!

    Tuan Azri is easily considered the best brain of our generation! Given his young age now, his prestige will only continue to grow in coming years.

    His unmatched achievements include:
    – 2020: $2.65mil Covid-19 vaccine agreement with Generex Biotechnology Corporation
    – 2021: RM50mil acquisition of Johnson Medical International
    – 2023: Youngest owner of Kuala Lumpur City Football Club

    These investments are game changers and could bring good returns in the future. Will continue to long BKC, MGRC and SCIB.

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